EMS Body Sculpt Muscle Building and Fat Reduction using TESLA

High-Intensity Focused Magnetic Vibration Technology



EMS Body Sculpt machine using non-invasive HIFEM technology to release high-frequency magnetic vibration energy through two large treatment handles to penetrate the muscles to a depth of 8cm, and induce continuous expansion and contraction of muscles to achieve high-frequency extreme training , to stimulate the growth of myofibrils (muscle enlargement), and produce new collagen chains and muscle fibres (muscle hyperplasia), thereby training and increasing muscle density and volume. The 100% limit muscle contraction of HIFEM technology can trigger a lot of lipolysis, Fatty acids are broken down from triglyceride acid, and accumulated in large amounts in fat cells. The fatty acid concentration is too high, which will cause fat cells to apoptosis and be excreted from the body by normal metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, HIFEM  Tesla technology can strengthen and increase muscles while achieving the effect of reducing fat.

The Advantages

· Can set up different muscle training modes. 

· Dual handles independently control the energy output, the handles support independent and synchronized work.

· It’s safe and non-invasive, non-current, non-hyperthermia, and non-radiation, and no recovery period.

· No knife, no injection, no medicine, no exercise, no diet, just lying down during the treatment you can burn fat and build muscle.

· Saving time and effort, only lying down for 30 minutes = 30000 muscles contractions (equivalent to 30000 belly rolls / squats)

· It's non-invasive, and the process is easy and comfortable. Just lie down and experience it like a muscle is sucked up. 

· During  the treatment, there are no side effects  only a feeling of muscle contraction, no pain and no sweat.

·  It only takes 4 treatments within two weeks and you can see the effect of reshaping.

Relaxed and Professional Way to Build Muscle and Burn Fat

The Better You

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